5 Facebook advertising tools that will save you time and money

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, or want to try something a little different that doesn’t involve Facebook Power Editor, there are plenty of tools that can help you streamline your ad buying experience while automatically optimizing your sets. of advertisements.

We’ve picked five Facebook ad tools that are easy to set up, incredibly simple to manage, and relatively inexpensive for the ROI you should get with their help.

These Facebook advertising tools can create campaigns, monitor their success, offer actionable next steps, and even retarget customers on Facebook after visiting your website, blog, or other owned properties.

Here are five of the best Facebook advertising tools you should try out today.


If you are new to Facebook advertising and want to simplify the buying process, AdEspresso is our first choice. Newly acquired by HootSuite, this product enables rapid setup of Facebook ads with A / B variant testing on numerous ad sets.

Here are some of the main selling points of AdEspresso:

  • Automatic ad optimization means less time to figure out how the day ends, ad success, etc.
  • Customizable dashboards let you focus on what matters most. CTR, ARPU, Impressions, etc. Simply choose the metrics that match the success of each of your campaigns and monitor the results in real time based on each ad campaign you start.
  • Super easy to understand with analytics reports, actionable next steps, and historical thinking are offered.

HootSuite announcements

Hootsuite made our list twice, but to be fair, they only recently acquired AdEspresso. Hootsuite tops our list for the simplicity of its social ads product. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create ads and monitor their success.

Here are some of the main selling points of HootSuite ads:

  • Two-click ad creation for on-the-fly advertising.
  • The product analyzes your Facebook page and news feeds and recommends posts that are likely to offer the highest level of promoted success among your target audience. This saves you time and sets up your campaigns for higher ROI.
  • The possibility of defining objectives allowing to obtain the maximum results for each campaign.
  • Other additional advertising features aim to save time and money by providing practical advice.


We use AdRoll at Presto Media to deliver actionable results through retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Of course, AdRoll is not just for Facebook thanks to its ability to launch advertisements on other programmatic networks, including Google Adwords.

Here are some of AdRoll’s main selling points:

  • A super easy to install ad script that immediately starts capturing user information from your website or blog.
  • Hyper-targeted user acquisition in your Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • A much higher level of engagement because users have already visited your website.
  • Pick up leads when users haven’t taken the desired action on your properties.


If you run a small business or don’t have time to have fun with Facebook ads, we highly recommend AdSpringr. This platform allows users to create, automate and save ad sets with fully automated optimization.

Here are some of the main selling points of AdSpringr:

  • Super easy to create targeted Facebook ad campaigns with very little effort.
  • Hyper-targeted algorithmic and automated auction tools with real-time recommendations.
  • Reduced CPCs and increased CTRs that are visible with analytical insights into performance.
  • The ability to change the focus of the campaign based on the ROI to report.

Automate announcements

As the name suggests, Automate Ads allows you to set up end-to-end automation for important daily campaign management tasks while providing simple setup for your Facebook campaigns.

Here are some of the main selling points of AdSpringr:

  • Simple budget management to keep showing your ads without breaking the bank.
  • Creative A / B testing and target market.
  • Programmed bidding optimization, keyword research and ad rotation.

Certainly, there are a large number of Facebook ad campaign management tools available. Some of the tools available offer automatic optimization and others provide fully managed services. If budget constraints and ease of use are your top priority, these 5 tools are a great start for any small to medium-sized Facebook ad campaign.

Majorie T. Leonard