5 Successful Small Business Advertising Ideas You Need To Know

Opening a new business and launching a new product is exciting. To get clients and customers, you have to promote your brand relentlessly.

Effective marketing isn’t about spending tons of money and expensive TV commercials. It’s about knowing your audience, their needs and where they hang out so that you can be there too.

Read on for five simple yet effective business advertising ideas to help your business grow and grow.

1. Take advantage of social media

Social media is a must have whether you run your business online or have a physical store. It can help your business reach a large audience, promote your products, and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Social media is especially useful if you are looking for inexpensive marketing ideas that will get results without breaking the bank. Use company pages and company accounts on all social media channels, and if you can afford a few bucks a day, try paid ads on those platforms.

2. Invest in video marketing

Video marketing is the future and Youtube is the second most popular website in the world, just behind Google. People watch videos online more than they watch TV, so consider investing in a good video marketing strategy.

You can try animated Instagram stories, short informative videos, longer videos or tutorials, live feeds, and animated graphics. You don’t need expensive equipment to make videos – all you need is a great idea that will interest your customers.

3. Start blogging

The best marketing idea for small businesses in 2020 is the corporate blog. Posting relevant and valuable content on your own website can help you attract new customers and introduce your products and services to a large audience.

Pick blog topics that are useful to your audience instead of focusing on your business. The goal is to get visitors to a sale by helping them make an informed decision.

4. Organize a competition

Online contests are a unique marketing idea when you want to attract new audiences and expand your reach. No matter what you’re selling, everyone loves free stuff, and it’s a great way to showcase your brand to people.

You can give a social media giveaway, run a contest on your website, or host an event in your physical location. You will be giving away a few free items, but you will gain a lot more subscribers and potential customers.

5. Connect with your local community

If you are a small business looking to attract new customers, start advertising locally. Participate in local events, organize workshops, advertise in local newspapers and sponsor community events.

Being a part of your community, especially if you have a physical location, is a great way to build brand loyalty. You can also partner with another local brand and do a collaboration that will serve the community.

Use these business advertising ideas to increase sales

Whether you are a new business owner or have been around for a while, these business advertising ideas will help you generate new sales.

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Majorie T. Leonard

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