Facebook defends personalized ads, improves advertising tools for businesses

Facebook has been trying emphatically to convince users that personalized ads are a good thing, especially since Apple has announced that it will start notifying users if apps attempt to track user habits in iOS. Facebook’s angle has been the idea that targeted ads play a big role in helping small businesses be discovered and grow.

Screenshots of the Good Ideas Portal Are Worth Finding

With that in mind, Facebook announced today an initiative called Good Ideas Deserve to be Found, which aims to remind people of the importance of personalized advertising to small businesses. Facebook shares some small business stories with creative ideas for products and services, and on Facebook, and talk about how his personalized ads can help these businesses grow. The hashtag #DeservetobeFound, along with a new Instagram sticker, can also be used to help promote these small businesses.

In addition to openly trying to protect its main source of income, Facebook has also announced a handful of measures to help businesses on Facebook. The Ads Manager is updated to be simpler and easier to understand so that businesses can start promoting themselves more effectively, and the Nearby Businesses section will help restaurants by indicating the type of dining options they have. they propose.

Facebook is also waiving fees for businesses using Checkout in their Facebook stores until June 2021, and paid online events won’t give Facebook money until August either. While Facebook’s intentions are obviously not altruistic, businesses that rely on Facebook to reach their audiences should find some good news in today’s announcement.

Majorie T. Leonard

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