Meta brings automation to small business advertising

Meta is rolling out new tools to help small business advertisers take advantage of advances in AI and automation.

When creating an advertisement through a Facebook page, small businesses can now use Meta’s Advantage+ advertising technologies.

Advantage+, Meta’s most advanced AI and automation offering for advertisers, was exclusive to full-fledged campaigns. From now on, it will be used when serving single ads.

Additionally, Meta is upgrading Advantage+ with new features for Shop Campaigns, App Campaigns, and more.

Here is an overview of all updates for Meta advertisers.

Meta Advantage+ for small businesses

Small businesses can now use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience to create advertisements via their Facebook page.

When using Advantage+ creative, ads will automatically adjust for each person who views them. Meta will show individual users which version of the ad they are most likely to respond to.

Audience Advantage helps businesses target ads more effectively to the right people. Meta will create custom audiences to serve ads using details from the company’s Facebook page.

These tools are available starting today.

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Meta Advantage+ can now help advertisers running Shopping campaigns find out what works faster.

Using AI and automation technologies, Meta Advantage+ can generate up to 150 creative combinations at once.

Running multiple ad versions at the same time is intended to help advertisers quickly identify what is converting. With this data, advertisers can use their budgets more efficiently.

Meta states in a blog post:

“In a study of 15 A/B2 tests, we found that Advantage+ shopping campaigns resulted in 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. , businesses can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more effectively.”

Advantage+ shopping campaigns will roll out to e-commerce and retail advertisers on August 15th.

Later this year, US businesses with a checkout store will have the option to add their store as a destination for Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Meta Advantage+ App Campaign Updates

Meta is releasing a series of updates to an existing Advantage+ solution.

Advantage+ App campaigns are receiving the following updates:

  • More creative flexibility with resource pairing and improved stability
  • 7 Day Click Attribution
  • Split Testing Capabilities
  • More detailed reporting with region and ad level data

Better results for advertisers?

It’s no secret that Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities took a hit when Apple let users block trackers on iOS. As a result, Meta’s advertising revenue growth began to slow.

Meta’s latest quarterly report revealed that the company experienced its first-ever drop in advertising revenue. Meta is under pressure to deliver better results next quarter.

Bringing advanced targeting capabilities to small business advertisers can give Meta the boost it needs in the short term. The question is whether this solution will generate long-term results for advertisers.

Meta’s next quarterly report will be interesting, as it will show us if advertisers are sold on Advantage+.

Source: Meta
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Majorie T. Leonard