Snap, Shopify’s partner for the small business advertising tool

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Snap tries to make it easier to advertise small businesses on its platform.

Snap and Shopify, the ecommerce company that makes tools for small businesses to sell products online, announced a new integration on Monday to allow Shopify merchants to purchase and manage Snapchat Story ad campaigns directly on the platform. from Shopify.

Shopify already works directly with Facebook and Google, which means Snap is the platform’s third partner. While Shopify has previously allowed its merchants to buy carousel ads on Facebook, it also announced on Monday that it is adding dynamic ads. Shopify says it works with more than 800,000 merchants on its platform.

Snap is trying to attract more advertisers and expand the way these advertisers can reach consumers. While brands and agencies can already use Snapchat Ads Manager (which allows marketers to build audiences, build ads and campaigns, and monitor performance), the move empowers hundreds of thousands of small marketers. who want a quick and easy ad campaign to do so from Shopify.

This opens the door of Snap, for example, to a small business that may not have the budget for an agency or the marketing know-how to run more sophisticated campaigns. This integration will allow these types of businesses to create and manage Snapchat Story ad campaigns directly through an app in Shopify’s self-service shopping platform.

Shopify claims that more than half of its merchants are “solo-takers” who find marketing difficult. Last year, the company launched Marketing in Shopify to make the ad campaign process easier, starting with buying native ads for things like Facebook carousel ads and Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Campaigns are run within the Shopify platform, where merchants run their stores, with things like payments, store analytics, sales channels, and inventory management.

This month, Snap took a number of steps to give its advertising business a boost. In early April, the company made several announcements, including an ad-supported gaming platform and the launch of a Snap Audience Network, which will sell ads appearing in apps other than Snapchat.

Last week, Snap announced that it had hired its very first chief marketing officer. And later this quarter, it plans to roll out “Snap Select,” a new way for advertisers to purchase and reserve ads, which in this case are six-second video ads without skipping, in its “most popular shows. premium ”in Snapchat Discover.

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