The best Instagram advertising tools for food businesses

Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses. Even more for the food industry. There are over 327 million posts tagged #food on Instagram. Additionally, according to The Independent, millennials spend an average of five days per year browsing food on Instagram. Thirty percent cite to avoid a restaurant with a low Instagram presence. Overall, this makes Instagram a valuable asset to small, local food businesses, which they need to get on top of.

Let’s see what are the different tools they can use to make a strong impression on Instagram.

Maintain brand continuity with BeFunky

While food companies want to post high-quality images, captions, placements, and hashtags, they need to stay consistent with their theme and general aspects. They should stick to a certain tone in all of their messages and create a profile that best matches their brand. There are many image and graphics apps that they can use to achieve this. Among these, BeFunky is a web-based photo editing tool, used for retouching images and designing graphics. It’s a complete suite with a bunch of editing tools including crop, resize, tilt, soften, sharpen, and more.

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Enabling the Post Scheduler with the Later App

One of the suggestions every business gets for growing organically on Instagram is to post regularly. While it can be done manually, it would be far better to invest in a scheduling app to save time and effort. In such a case, The Later App allows users to aggregate content, schedule posts at optimal times, and even post automatically. Besides its powerful features, it also offers valuable resources on Instagram marketing. The guide is packed with tips and tricks for all users. The company also hosts regular webinars on its website.

Subsequent application
Planning of publications on the go. [Source: The Later App]
Create branded content with Canva

Instagram users love the polished and bright images, along with a cohesive overall flow.

A study by online source Curalate looked at 8 million Instagram photos to identify components that had the most likes and comments. Curalate found that high brightness generated 24% more likes than low-light images. Additionally, a larger volume of background space, along with a single dominant color, also fostered more likes. These two elements, when combined, can help generate more likes and followers.

Templates on Canva.

Based on these statistics, businesses need to create branded content that resonates best with their customers. This statement supports our goal of maintaining a certain style and aesthetic with Instagram profiles. As such, businesses can use Canva, an app and web platform to create visually stunning social media posts. Canva also offers many templates that businesses can use to make their profile more consistent.

Publish user-generated content and repost with Regrann

According to Ipsos, a global research company, people trust user-generated content 50% more than any other type of media, while 86% of millennials cite UGC as a good indicator of the quality of A brand. So, with reposts, businesses make direct contact with their customers and appreciate what the community has to offer. Reposting other aligned photos further promotes the creation of user-generated content.

Source: Regann

Regrann, a reposting app for Android can be used to reshare posts on Instagram pages. The application offers several different modes: a standby mode, a pop-up selection mode, a quick save mode, a quick publish mode and a quick publish mode.

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