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Funding is available through The Business Finance Store.

YouTube is donating up to $ 50 million to encourage small business owners to sign up for a video advertising service called Google AdWords for Video, Entrepreneur reported. The service is intended to replicate Google’s AdWords functionality for search, such as pay per click, but for video advertising instead. Small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in video advertising may be interested in participating in this fund. Others may not be sure where to start with video advertising. In the recent blog post “Five Tips on How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Market,” The Business Finance Store offers five tips for small businesses to market their business using YouTube.

Whether or not a small business or entrepreneur chooses to participate in the $ 50 million YouTube giveaway, now might be the time to consider using YouTube to help grow a business’s market. It’s just about having the right plan and the right people to help make it successful. Find out how to use YouTube to build a business on the Business Finance Store blog.

The Business Finance Store is a consulting and corporate finance firm that provides personalized business financial solutions. Seasoned professionals provide assistance in a variety of financial solutions to help small businesses succeed, such as: Corporate Financial Solutions, Legal Solutions, and Accounting Solutions.

The staff at The Business Finance Store understand that starting and growing a business is an exciting time. They keep it exciting by taking care of some of the more difficult aspects, providing legal advice, helping with vital responsibilities such as accounting and bookkeeping, and securing funding for the business. They can quickly and easily guide entrepreneurs through many complex processes and put them on the path to success.

For 10 years, The Business Finance Store has been helping startups and other small businesses legally structure their businesses, find the right franchises, get the financing they need, and achieve the American dream of owning their own successful business. Since expanding nationwide in 2007, they have helped thousands of businesses and funded over $ 60 million in business lines of credit, not including SBA loans. The Business Finance Store sees unlimited potential in today’s climate and looks forward to many years of strong growth to come. Take the time to review their services and call them.

For more information or a free, no-obligation analysis of your business needs, visit The Business Finance Store website: A member of their professional staff will contact you to discuss your business’s short and long term goals. Whatever your needs, The Business Finance Store is here.

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