The slogan “protect” of the dolphinarium is misleading, the publicity committee decides

The Hardewijk Dolfinarium’s slogan “Discover, experience and protect” is misleading, the Advertising Code Committee said in a complaint filed by animal rights organization House of Animals, reports Omroep Gelderland.

According to the committee, the word “protect” in the slogan gives the impression that visitors are directly contributing to the protection of animals by purchasing a ticket and visiting the park. And there is no evidence that this is the case. The slogan is therefore in violation of the Dutch Advertising Code.

The Dolfinarium disagrees with the ruling, saying the word “protect” refers to its educational function, which inspires visitors to conservation. According to director Alex Tiebot, there is scientific evidence for this. “We therefore do not agree with the committee’s judgment and will appeal the opinion.”

House of Animals is happy with the decision. “The Dolfinarium has claimed to be all about the welfare of dolphins, sea lions and killer whales for years, but that’s a big lie,” spokesperson Karen Soeters told the broadcaster. “For example, the Dolfinarium will never be able to meet the natural needs of dolphins, which naturally travel great distances.”

Majorie T. Leonard