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Video advertising company VidMob announces it has raised $ 25 million in Series B funding.

When I wrote about VidMob’s seed funding in 2015, it focused on creating a marketplace that connects marketers and professional video editors. It’s still a component of the VidMob business, said founder and CEO Alex Collmer, but the company has also built a larger platform for video advertising, which it calls Agile Creative Studio.

So Collmer said that with VidMob, not only can marketers find professionals (editors, animators, graphic designers and more) to create their ads, but they can also “with just one click send hundreds and in some cases thousands of personalized ads “at VidMob. partners like Facebook, Google / YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

The platform analyzes how different creative elements affect the way audiences respond to an ad and uses that data to make campaigns more effective. The result, said Collmer, is that “the downward curve reverses and advertising improves over time through this iterative process of creating and learning, creating and learning.”

Brands using VidMob include Bayer, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Ikea, and Neutrogena, as well as startups like Acorns. In a statement, Joshua Palau, vice president of media platforms and strategy at Bayer US, said the platform “has allowed us to dramatically improve the return on investment of our social video campaigns.”

VidMob has now raised over $ 45 million in total funding. The round was led by Austin-based BuildGroup with participation from Acadia Woods, Herington, Interlock Partners, Macanta Investments, Manifest’s sponsors and brandtech firm You & Mr Jones.

“VidMob solves a very important problem for brands: how to deliver the volume of content that brands now need for all different platforms, at the speed and at the price that they need it,” said David Jones, Founder by You & Mr Jones, in a press release. . “In the near future, all content will be smart and data-driven and VidMob has a product that delivers that now. “

BuildGroup co-founder and CEO Lanham Napier made a statement praising VidMob for “not only offering meaningful insight, but also providing the tools and talent to quickly and cost-effectively activate that intelligence.”

“But it’s their vision for the future that excites us the most,” added Napier. “As the world moves towards more complex forms of communication, the idea of ​​an API for creativity is so powerful that you can see it becoming another fundamental service layer of the web. “

VidMob screenshot

Collmer expanded on this idea in our interview, suggesting that VidMob could possibly do a lot more than facilitate video ads on social media platforms.

“As the web shifts from text and images to more complex types of media – today is video, tomorrow is augmented reality, who knows what it will be after that – I’m pretty much sure the needle is always going to point to greater complexity, “he said.” This creative friction is becoming a tax on the whole internet. We are trying to build what I see as an API for creativity … Today ‘Yes, that sticking point is frequently with our platform partners, with Facebooks and Snaps, but we’re seeing it spread to other areas where you see imagery as the focal point of communication. “

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